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Start-Up Law Firms

When you decide to break away from an established practice and "go it alone", you quickly realise that along with the regular pay cheque, you also lose the safety blanket of the technical support and facilities that those practices provide such as;

  • Legal accounts software and services

  • Matter management 

  • Document management

  • Client on-boarding 

  • Risk and compliance

  • Email configuration

  • Anti-virus facilities

  • Hosting arrangements


It is vitally important to get the right independent advice from the beginning to ensure that the software and services selected are fit for purpose, cost effective and able to scale as you grow your new business - changing systems once you are up and running is a time consuming and expensive distraction that you simply don't need.

Hindsight Legal Consulting and our partners can provide clear advice and support in selecting and setting up your infrastructure allowing you to focus on all the other moving parts that need to come together to launch successfully.

Additional Services for Law Firms:

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