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Interim sales leadership

Looking for a highly experienced sales leader on a short or medium term contract to bridge a gap in the management team or review your teams approach?


We can help with: 

  • Strategic planning

  • Operational oversight

  • Team building and recruitment

  • Sales cycle management

  • Reporting and analytics

Simon Dennis.jpg

Simon Dennis

Global Head of Sales & Partnerships

Smokeball Legal Software

"I had the opportunity to work closely with Matt on a very exciting technology partnership, launching a first to market platform for the legal tech mid-market in Australia.

In my time of working with Matt, I've found him to be a results focused leader, a player/coach who never expects anyone to do anything until he has done it himself, and he is hyper focused on delivering great client experiences.

Matt has a wealth of knowledge about the legal sector and is very generous in sharing that knowledge with others, and gave me great personal insights into the UK market which our brand is expanding to in the near future."

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