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Events 2024

Hindsight Legal Consulting are running a series of roundtable discussion groups for the Southwest UK legal community. 

The events will provide a free, informal and collaborative forum for attendees to discuss key topics around the area of legal information technology and share ideas and experiences “with the benefit of Hindsight” (yes, a bit cheesy I know!).


These are strictly non-selling events and any guest specialists that are invited along, will be there only in the capacity to inform and advise.

All discussions held under Chatham House Rule.

The Southwest includes:


Cornwall : Devon : Somerset : Dorset : Gloucestershire : Wiltshire

Event: Artificial Intelligence & Vendor Pricing

Date: Tuesday 26th March 2024

Time: 11:30-13:00

Location: Online via Teams

Attendees: Business leaders & Heads of IT

Chair: Matt Fiske-Jackson (Hindsight Legal)


  • Artificial Intelligence and its practical applications in the legal sector.

    • How are firms currently embracing AI?​

    • What interesting use cases are appearing in the market?

    • What would we like to see vendors focus on delivering from AI?

  • Managing sharp price rises from the legal software supplier community. With many firms in the region being rocked by significant price rises from their technology vendors:

    •  What is driving this?

    • How are firms tackling it?

    • What are the options moving forward?

  • AOB

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