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New entrants off to a flyer at LegalEx 2023

Last week’s LegalEx event may have been a smaller event in terms of exhibitors than in previous years, but good footfall over the two days pointed to a general uplift in interest in legal technology from the legal market.

Those exhibitors present were dominated by the new wave of practice management providers and, in many ways, the event underlined the “changing of the guard” with almost no legacy vendors present leaving the floor clear for a strong line-up of modern cloud-based solutions.

Leading the way were the impressive Smokeball team, also taking the prize for best stand on the day they officially launched in the UK. This successful Australian business, also big in the USA, is now available in the UK and predominately focusses on firms of up to around 30 users.

Also present were ActionStep who are rapidly making the mid-market their own, as well as Canadian based heavyweight Clio, and a surprising new entrant in the form of UK start-up YAO Technology.

Many have mourned the passing of a host of old familiar practice management names from around 20BC (before cloud) but I for one am hugely encouraged by the emergence of a group of modern solutions that will futureproof the legal profession over the coming decades.

Hindsight Legal provide a structured and highly informed approach to assisting law firms with system selection, working with firms on meaningful requirements definitions and a streamlined selection process that is both cost effective and efficient in finding and engaging with your next best solution.


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